Exploration Work

Historic surface sampling conducted at McKay Hill during the 1920s returned high-grade silver, lead and zinc mineralization associated with vein structures. More recent field work by Metallic Minerals, and its predecessor, confirmed these high Ag-Pb-Zn values as well as the presence of significant gold and copper.

Exploration work completed in Q3 2017 included follow up rock and soil sampling, reconnaissance and detailed mapping of veins in the Central Zone and Independence Ridge areas. In addition, high resolution satellite photography was collected over the entire property to provide mapping and topographic ground control for use in future programs. Soil sampling extended the existing soil grid in the Central Zone to cover open anomalies and a new soil grid was established at the Independence Ridge area. Mapping and prospecting noted some distinctive hydrothermal and structural characteristics to the mineralization, which suggests the potential for a large mineralized system.

Most of the exploration at McKay Hill to date has been conducted on the Central Zone where veins No. 1 to 9, Bella, Blackhawk and Snowdrift occur near the area of historic production. Much of the claim block remains under-explored, particularly in the Independence Ridge area to the east of the Central Zone, where at least four vein zones are exposed. Additional vein targets occur to the north and west of the Central Zone near the Falls, Red, and White Hill targets. Highlights from sampling to date at McKay Hill are shown below in Table 1, with 2017 samples denoted by an asterisk. In total, exploration work has yielded 35 samples greater than 1,000 g/t silver equivalent from 12 of the 16 known vein structures.

Figure 1 - Rock Sample Geochemistry and Soil Sample Location Map

The assay results from rock sampling and soil grid work have verified the potential for high-grade silver, lead, and zinc mineralization, as well as demonstrated very significant gold and copper in this emerging district scale property. Two distinct soil anomalies remain open to further expansion covering more than 1.5 kms of total length with elevated silver, gold, lead, zinc and copper values.

Table 1. Highlight Rock Sample Values to Date from McKay Hill:

SampleVeinTypeAg g/tAu g/tPb %Zn %Cu %Ag Eq g/t
29887No. 1 WGrab5020.7746.40.472.403056
526147No. 2Grab6080.2235.23.503.222852
526238No. 61.1m Chip6830.8340.50.400.782770
1907517*No. 6Grab98824.437.73.717.975812
1907519*No. 6Grab7422.3640.014.722.923945
MK002No. 8Grab64616.827.00.140.643314
526245Falls Vein1.1m Chip1.1100.10.020.01787

Metallic Minerals technical team has begun developing future programs which are expected to commence in 2018 and consist of:

  • Additional prospecting and reconnaissance work in areas of the property not covered in 2017;
  • Mapping over the expanded soil grids and chip sampling of newly identified vein occurrences;
  • Expansion of the existing soil grids of the Central Zone and Independence Ridge areas where the anomalous trends remain open;
  • Trenching and geophysical surveys to define and prioritize potential drill targets on the most advanced prospects including the No. 1, 6, and 8 veins, and the Snowdrift, Blackhawk and Independence veins; and
  • Potential drilling on the most advanced targets identified through preliminary surface work.

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